SMC and PARTNER SHIP DESIGN will be the designers for Cruise Saudi’s new cruise line, AROYA Cruises

Cruise Saudi’s AROYA Cruises promises a design- led, luxurious environment from which to explore the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf, and Cruise Saudi has announced that it will be collaborating with leading brands in cruise ship design, SMC and PARTNER SHIP DESIGN (PSD) to support in this vision. SMC, the original designer of AROYA Cruises first ship, has been chosen as the lead designer for the refurbishment project. As lead designer, SMC will provide interior and architectural design, branding and art consultancy to Cruise Saudi for its visionary new cruise line. Based in London, SMC are an established design firm and a pioneer within the maritime interior design arena.

Hamburg-based firm PSD has been assigned by Cruise Saudi as a partner designer. PSD provides ship design and building services, with expertise in new ship builds, refurbishments and conversions of cruise ships, river cruises, yachts and ferries. As a design partner for AROYA Cruises, PSD will perform the interior design, design details and documentations, follow-ups, and engineering support.

Commenting on the announcement, Lars Clasen, CEO of Cruise Saudi, said: “We are delighted to be working with some of the best visionary innovators in cruise ship design for our premium cruise offering, AROYA Cruises. Working with sector-leading experts such as SMC and PSD will play a crucial role in ensuring that AROYA Cruises offers a comfortable, luxurious and inspiring environment from which passengers can enjoy the highest standard of service and facilities.”

AROYA Cruises is Saudi’s first cruise line, designed for nationals, expatriates and regional guests. Announced in June 2023, AROYA Cruises will offer a premium travel experience from booking to boarding and beyond.