NEOM Hotel Division announced as 50th Member of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to drive global change

NEOM Hotel Division has joined The World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance- its 50th member. Consisting of now 50 members, the Alliance works to address critical challenges impacting the planet, people, and places worldwide. NEOM Hotel Division, which is focused on creating and operating hotels of the future that have sustainability at their core, shares the Alliance’s belief that collaboration is the key to unlocking solutions for the hospitality sector and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

One of NEOM Hotel Division’s key contributions will be piloting the groundbreaking Net Positive Hospitality Academy, a sustainable training system launched in Q4 of last year. This innovative online platform equips the industry with scalable knowledge assets, tools, and modules, empowering hospitality professionals with the skills and resources necessary to drive meaningful change across the industry.

Glenn Mandziuk, Chief Executive Officer of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, said: “I am thrilled to welcome NEOM Hotel Division to the Alliance, especially as our 50th member. Together, we can make a tangible impact on the hotel industry. NEOM Hotel Division is at the forefront of our industry’s sustainability innovation journey to lead all hotels towards Net Positive Hospitality. Additionally, they mark an important milestone as our first member headquartered in Saudi Arabia.”
Chris Newman, Executive Director at NEOM Hotel Division, said: “We are excited and honored to be joining the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance. We share the same commitment to the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainable and regenerative practices. The Net Positive Hospitality Academy has the potential to have a wide-reaching impact across our industry. Central to the Academy is collaboration – real progress can only be made by working together and we look forward to joining forces with our fellow members to accelerate the future of sustainable hospitality.”