Dr. Abdelrazzak Arabiyat elected as Chair of the UNWTO Affiliate Member Executive Council (on Matters Related to Affiliate Membership)

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) announced that Dr. Abdelrazzak Arrabiyat, the Managing Director of JTB, has been elected as the Chair of the Affiliate Member Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism) Affiliate Member Committee (on Matters Related to Affiliate Membership). This prestigious appointment underscores Dr. Arrabiyat’s dedication to fostering global tourism and his commitment to promoting sustainable and inclusive tourism practices.

Dr. Abdelrazzak brings to the position a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership in the tourism sector. His election is a testament to his visionary approach and the trust placed in him by the international tourism community. As the new Chair, Dr. Abdelrazzak has pledged to expand the affiliate membership, strengthen collaboration among members, and enhance coordination for the benefit of the committee.

Dr. Abdelrazzak Arabiyat stated: “I am deeply honored to be elected as the Chair of the Affiliate Member Executive Council of the UN Tourism Affiliate Member Committee. This role presents a unique opportunity to work closely with our global partners to advance the interests of the tourism industry. I am committed to increasing our affiliate membership and fostering a spirit of cooperation and innovation within our community. Together, we can navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead, ensuring a prosperous future for all members.”

Dr. Arabiyat’s vision includes leveraging the collective expertise of the affiliate members to address the pressing issues facing the tourism sector today, including the impacts of climate change, the need for sustainable tourism practices, and the recovery from the global pandemic. By prioritizing these areas, he aims to build a more resilient and dynamic tourism industry that benefits both local communities and international travelers.

The Jordan Tourism Board is confident that under Dr. Arabiyat’s leadership, the UN Tourism Affiliate Member Executive Council will achieve significant milestones, fostering stronger partnerships and driving forward initiatives that contribute to the global tourism agenda.